I’m Marilu

I’m here to help you get your sexy back

My dream, desire and vision for you is to feel amazing in your body, in your sexuality and in your relationship.

Every course I’ve created, every private coaching session with me holds the intention of giving you the guidance and tools to help you get closer to that version of yourself that you miss.

I want you to explore and experience the depths of pleasure and sensuality that your body can give you access to. 

I want you to gasp in true ecstatic surprise when you realize the orgasmic capacity of your body. 

I want your relationships to be deep and intimate, so that you get to experience the rawness of what it means to be human while having your heart wide open and ready to feel the depths of your emotions. 

I want you to feel so confident in knowing and expressing your truth. 

I want you to feel heard and seen and appreciated, knowing that your existence is not just valid, but divinely perfect. 

And these tools and practices that we’ll share in our journey together – it will make this a reality for you. 

How did a CONSERVATIVE small-towner become an advocate for pleasure and empowerment?

My entire life, I’ve been attracted to spiritual development.
When I was 13, I used to light a candle for fun and sit, staring at it for ages.
It was something to do, we didn’t have Internet and I just liked how it made the stream of thoughts in my head quiet down.

Only years later, I learned that this was a legit practice called meditation 

This thirst for understanding the mind and soul led me across the world where I had opportunities to study with a Zen Master in rural Japan, get my Reiki initiation at the source, do my yoga certification in India, work with plant medicines in Peru and the Amazon jungle and sit 10-day silent meditations called Vipassana in South Africa.

It was also when I returned to South Africa in 2013 that I naturally found my way into the Tantra community – and everything changed.

After all these paths, teachers and modalities for healing, Tantra blew my mind.

By simply using breath and sound, and tapping into my sexual energy, I was able to access altered states of consciousness that created so much healing in my body.  

It was like someone showed me a feature of my human body that I never knew existed before. I had to dive deeper. 

In 2015 I returned to India to immerse myself deeper in the world of Tantra at Osho Nisarga with Ma Sarita, and in 2016 I committed to making this my life path. I started studying to become a Love, Sex & Relationships Coach through Layla Martin’s Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. 

Layla Martin’s revolutionary work forms the basis of my work and coaching. It is this delicious blend of an ancient mysticism based in Tantric and Taoist philosophies, combined with modern psychology and coaching methodologies. In my 1 on 1 coaching, I use her bespoke Vital & Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA) and I see over and over how these body-based techniques take my clients deeper than years of other modalities. 

 I deeply believe that to be your most authentic self and live the most turned-on, delicious and fulfilling life, you have to look at your relationship with pleasure and sexuality, as well as what your romantic relationships highlight for you. The answers are all there. 

Want to start this journey with a self-assessment of how far you’ve come?

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