Partner Pleasure

A DIY course for couples to build intimacy through conscious touch

Does this sound like you?

You want to expand your sexual exploration, but don’t know how
You struggle to communicate to your partner what you like and don’t like sexually
You feel like you need to heal some issues around your sexuality
You want to improve your skills as a lover
You struggle to surrender during sex
You want to support your partner’s sexuality, and have them support yours
You want to make time for intimacy and try something new

Course promise


A DIY course for couples to deepen intimacy, awaken turn-on

and take your sex life to the next level

Hi, I’m Marilu

and I have a game-changing course for  you & your partner


As a love, sex and relationship coach, I often see how a lack of sexual intimacy can lead to partners feeling like they are losing their connection. 

As a married woman, I understand the work that it takes to keep the erotic embers burning in a relationship. 

The penis & pussy massages in this course, as well as the communication practices have not only benefitted my relationship greatly (and still continues to) but I’ve also seen massive changes in the relationships of my clients who include these practices in their romantic or sexual relationships. 

“This is so much more than just penis & pussy massage! It’s about becoming present physically and mindfully so that you honor the space that you give your partner and vice versa. It’s about learning to let go of all expectations you have of yourself and your partner so that you both truly show up for eachother. It’s about deepening your connection with your partner and discovering how to connect whilst at the same time becoming more aware of the importance of putting the time and effort in for that connection to take place. It’s about slowing things down and being playful.

By doing this course, there is no doubt I have opened up a door of courage in my own heart that I didn’t know was there! I am deeply grateful for all the ways this course has contributed to my personal and sexual growth. Thank you for being non-shaming, valuing a holistic approach and teaching us how to re-frame things. Your words of affirmation in the videos have also been timely and restorative. You are incredibly gifted in your work and any couple with open minds and hearts, whether they have pussies or penises will benefit greatly from this!”

S & G

You may have heard of Tantric Practitioners offering something called Yoni & Lingam Massage.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for pussy, and Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis.

These massages are offered for many reasons, from healing trauma, to awakening your genitals to more pleasure. It is recommended for people who want to release tension from their pelvic floors, or for helping sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm or lack of desire/arousal.

These massages generally cost around $300 a session.

By following the clear directions in this program, you can learn how to give your partner a pussy or penis massage in the safety and comfort of your home.

No vetting strangers or wondering about hidden agendas, no repeat expenses.

You can learn these tools AT HOME

Empower your relationship

Deepen your connection

Have the sex you’ve always dreamed of

Investing in this course will give you access to:

New and sexy ways to touch your partner’s genitals and give them new levels of pleasure
Templates on how to express difficult and vulnerable things like your desires and your fears
Learning how to receive pleasure from your partner in a much deeper way than before
Clear explanations and step-by-step instructions so you don’t need to fumble around in the dark anymore
A made-for-you sexy date night that you can do in an hour or two while the kids/roommates are asleep
New levels of intimacy in your relationship

Over and above all that, it also allows sex to become a place of healing

Whether your sex life is amazing, or you have some physical/emotional difficulties with sex, this program can create a space where you can support each other in healing – without pressure or expectation – and maybe have a few delicious orgasms in the process.

I am not going to lie – we had serious resistance. This was something entirely new to us – we are not very explorative in the bedroom…or anywhere else in the house! And while that’s okay for us, what we really wanted to get from this experience was connection.

Marilu’s intro videos make you feel so comfortable – like this is no big thing… it’s just exploring and connecting, to yourself and to your partner, in a really beautiful way. The massage video itself took away any anxiety we had felt. It really normalised the whole experience! There is absolutely nothing about this video that makes you feel awkward…it is simply a video showing guided massage techniques that are easy to follow. It felt empowering, knowing exactly what I was supposed to do, and for how long. No pressure to make it more than it actually was, and no pressure to make my partner orgasm. 
I found the whole experience soothing and I felt an overwhelming sense of connection to and compassion for my partner.  Afterwards my partner said that it was so much more than he had expected, and that it was such an easy, enjoyable experience. For both of us, it felt incredible to be intimate with one another, vulnerable with one another, and so in tune with what each person was experiencing, that it really was the most meaningful experience we have shared together in a long time. Such an amazing healing practice, as well as just some date night fun!” 
C & D

What you get:

Introductory videos

5 Videos to set the scene, create a sense of safety and get you and your partner on the same page

Pussy massage videos

2 Beautiful videos, professionally recorded in the US, with step-by-step guidance on giving an earth-shattering pussy massage


2 Beautiful videos, professionally recorded in the US, with step-by-step guidance on giving a life-changing penis massage


Get my PDF guide listing all the props and tools you will need for a memorable massage experience 



3 Audio recordings to help you to communicate openly with your partner about sex, desire and your relationship


Once you purchase the course, it is yours for life! You can keep going back to the videos until you have mastered the art of erotic massage

Marilu’s partner pleasure course came at the perfect time for my partner and I – lockdown has kept us in close proximity for a few months, and like many couples, we have found ourselves struggling to carve out intentional, intimate one-on-one quality time, despite being around one another 24/7. Marilu beautifully and thoroughly sets the intention and parameters for the practice, which is very helpful for preparing one’s mind, body and physical space for what is to come. She helped us create a space where any responses that come up are accepted with grace and love – a key component to a vulnerable practice such as this. I put on some calming music, lit a few candles and went for it.

As I performed the practice, I listened to the guidance on my phone with one earphone in and one out, so I could receive the guidance in real time, while still being able to communicate with my parter. The benefit of doing this way was that she didn’t know what was coming next, so could fully immerse herself in sensation, and I didn’t need to memorize any steps! I highly recommend this practice to anyone who engages in partner sex – it teaches one how to not only physically interact with your partner’s genitals, but also how to communicate, affirm and hold space for them and their vulnerability.” 

A & S

Are you ready for deeper intimacy and more turn-on?

No risk to you: 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee


How much time do we need for this program?

To work through the program once, you need about 30 minutes to watch the Introduction videos together. You can watch this on your date night, or before as it will help set the scene and manage expectations. 

For your first penis/pussy massage, I’d recommend watching/doing the video with the intro. This is 55 minutes for pussy massage, and 48 minutes for penis massage. 

If you do the audio practices before and after the massage for the full, deep, connected experience, add another 30 minutes. 

Must we do all of it in one go?

Not at all! 

This program is yours for life, and you can use it in away that suits your life. 

I personally prefer giving a massage one night, and receiving a massage another night. I always include an audio practice before and after the practice – new things always come up! 

what do we need to do this program?

You’ll get a full room setup guide with the program, but in essence you need a good internet connection, a tablet/laptop/phone to watch the videos on, a willing partner and 2 hours of privacy – and you’re good to go! 

I'm not in a heterosexual relationship - can I still do this?


Even though the videos feature a heterosexual couple demonstrating the massages, you can pick what is relevant to your relationship, and leave the rest.

We’ve tried to keep the language as gender-neutral as possible, but you’re still going to hear penis & pussy being referenced all the time 🙂

Can you please stop saying pussy?

Nope 😉 

If the word pussy makes you cringe, I honestly hope that doing this program can desensitize you to it and make room to feel into the pure power of this word. If you are interested in this, I highly recommend you read a book called “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer. 

Pussy is the perfect word that incudes both the external vulva and clitoris, as well as the internal vaginal canal with the g-spot and cervix. 

Yoni, which is word that is seen as more spiritual of gentle is a beautiful word, but yoni also incudes the womb, ovaries and pelvic floor – and this program doesn’t include those areas as a point of focus. 

Pussy it is – reclaim the word. It is yours. 

What is the private coaching about?

The VIP Plan gives you & your partner access to four private coaching sessions with me, Marilu Gabba. 

The sessions are online couple’s coaching sessions, and are a beautiful opportunity to go deeper into different facets of your relationship, for example: 

conscious communication – deeper connection – healing old wounds – getting clarity in your relationship – erotic practices 

We will spend 90 minutes together going deeper into your relationship, supported by embodiment practices like breathwork, visualization and other Tantric tools. 

Couples coaching is so much fun! Think of it as a very unique date night that that will help you & your partner go even deeper in your relationship. 

This is awesome – I’m in!